Case Studies

We are proud to showcase a selection of case studies related to recent applications and projects involving our antennas. In each case a Panorama Antennas product helped our customer to solve a particular challenge. If you have an interesting project using our products that you would like us to showcase then please contact us.

Tornado Track | LGMM-7-27-24-58

Metro Fire | GPSB - "Sharkee"

Madrid Regional Ambulances | GPSK

Doha International Airport | CM-S2

Drivetel Portugal | CM-7-60-NJ & CMMG-7-60-NJ

Hospital Lagny | CMWB2-038-NJ

Tennessee Highway Patrol | GPSB

Video Ezy | MAR base

Kenwood Ski Team | MVQ

Tait Communications | Portable Antennas