Mobile World Congress Americas

Mobile World Congress Americas



Exhibition Information - Panorama Antennas
Exhibition Calendar - Panorama Antennas    

12th - 14th September 2017

Exhibition Location - Panorama Antennas  

San Francisco, USA

Exhibition Stand Location  

North Stand N.520

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Exhibition Contact  - Panorama Antennas  

Mr. Robert Jesman  Email:



Mobile World Congress Americas, in partnership with CTIA, will be the GSMA’s first large-scale event addressing North, Central and South America – highlighting innovation in areas such as 5G, IoT, and the intersection of mobile with entertainment, content and media. 

The conference at Mobile World Congress Americas will run from Tuesday, September 12 through Thursday, September 14, with each day offering a mix of visionary keynote presentations, focused track sessions and sponsored summits. The conference program will explore major themes including Consumer IoT, Content and Media, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Networks, Platforms and Sustainable Development. The conference will also include a dedicated educational track focusing on Government and Public Policy, which is being developed with CTIA. 

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