Mobile World Congress 2018

Mobile World Congress 2018


Exhibition Information - Panorama Antennas
Exhibition Calendar - Panorama Antennas    

26th February - 1st March, 2018

Exhibition Location - Panorama Antennas  

Barcelona, Spain

Exhibition Stand Location  Fira Gran Via

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Mr Robert Jesman  Email :



Mobile World Congress, or MWC, is an annual gathering for the mobile industry and related industries, organised by the GSMA, and held in Barcelona, Spain, the Mobile World Capital. 

This years theme for the event is "Create a Better Future". As Michael O’Hara, Chief Marketing Officer, says: “Mobile provides access to life-enhancing and, in some cases, life-changing services. Reinforcing our industry’s commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, mobile is providing lifelines to hope, reducing inequalities and preserving our world’s resources. We look forward to Mobile World Congress 2018 and showing how mobile is creating a better future – today.”

Come join us for:

• a world-class exhibition highlighting more than 2,300 exhibitors

• an award-winning conference programme featuring leaders and visionaries 

• speakers from Netflix, Orange, Nokia and AT&T

• outstanding networking opportunities

• the industry’s innovators, who are recognised at the annual Glomo Awards and who show us a glimpse of the future at 4YFNs.

See the Highlights from 2017 here:

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