Panorama Antennas Celebrates its 70th Anniversary in Style!

Panorama Antennas Celebrates its 70th Anniversary in Style!

On September 6th Panorama Antennas celebrated their 70th year in business as a world leader in the design and manufacture of antennas for radio communication. They celebrated aboard a luxury paddle steamer taking a scenic tour of the sights of London along the Thames.

Founded in 1947 by Leon Jesman, an ex-serviceman, the company is still a family business which is now in its third generation. Building over the last 70 years, from its history pioneering the process of ‘insert injection’ moulding, Panorama Antennas is now a world class designer and manufacturer of high-quality communication technologies. This 70th anniversary celebrates the inspirational work of Panorama in design and manufacturing, and looks forward to the bright future of the company.

The celebrations were a mixture of vintage elegance with an affectionate family affair. Many members of the founding family, who still work at Panorama, hosted the event aboard the Elizabethan: an 1890’s style paddle steamer. In attendance were a selection of Panorama’s key customers and suppliers from around the world as well as the employees of Panorama, including many representatives from their various global regional offices. It was clear from the warm friendly event, which included a delightful meal and a river tour of some of London’s best sights, that those in attendance all felt a part of the Panorama family.

Panorama’s Managing Director, Christopher Jesman, gave a heartening speech as his brother Andrew Jesman, the other Managing Director, cut the celebratory cake. “My parents would be very proud, that goes without saying. It’s deeply moving really”, said Christopher Jesman after the celebrations. He expressed how much he cherished the large array of attendants: “I really enjoyed how there was such a varied flavour of people at the event, so many different people from different countries. It has always been this way in the Panorama family”. He was also hopeful for the future of Panorama Antennas, saying: “There is a lot of activity in our industry, especially in IoT. It’s endless and Panorama will continue to grow with it!”

70th Anniversary Celebrations

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