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New Office for Panorama Antennas’ Australasian Subsidiary!

Panorama Antennas has moved the location of its Australasian subsidiary (Panorama Antennas PTY Ltd) to Brisbane in light of the regions recent continued growth in activity

Panorama's Antennas Guarantee a Reliable Electricity Supply in Finland
Read how Panorama's antennas guarantee a reliable electricity supply in Finland..
Arizona DPS Adopt GPSB Sharkee® As Official Antenna

Arizona DPS Adopt GPSB Sharkee® As Official Antenna

The Sharkee® is now the official antenna of the Arizona Department of Public safety Highway Patrol car for all of their vital communications needs while successfully overcoming difficulties when it comes to today’s police vehicles.

Technical Sales & Support manager, John Thomson, speaking at FCS Comms Installer 2016

Panorama Antennas’ technical sales and support manager John Thomson recently spoke at the FCS Comms Installer event, discussing best practice for vehicle installations in the context of an update to FCS1362 – the UK industry code of practice for the installation of radio frequency equipment in road vehicles.


Detroit PD Adopts Dual Sharkee Solution

Detroit PD Adopts Dual Sharkee Solution

By installing Panorama Antennas, Inc. dual Sharkee® kit Detroit PD, has a more visually appealing patrol vehicle, without sacrificing performance.

New PMR & Critical Communications Catalogue 2016

The newest catalogue from Panorama Antennas showcases our cutting-edge antennas for PMR and critical communication applications.

Includes antennas featuring: MiMo - GPS - WiFi - Whips - and more.

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