IoT & M2M

The Internet Of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) space represents a paradigm shift in connectivity. There are now more connected devices than mobile phones and the numbers are growing every year. IoT and M2M cover a range of applications with specific frequency allotments and application requirements. Panorama has a full portfolio of M2M and IoT antennas from robust low profile solutions to sophisticated MiMo offerings and embedded products to ensure that we can provide the correct solution for any connected device and installation context.

TCF-C3G-UF |  2G/3G Embedded PCB Antenna

TCF-C3G-UF | 2G/3G Embedded PCB Antenna

The TCF-C3G-UF antenna is a cost effective PCB antenna covering global 2G/3G  frequecies from 8..

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