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With any application, it’s important that the RV WiFi Antenna is carefully considered and not an afterthought

This is equally true with an RV WiFi Antenna because what you gain from the investment from using a premium antenna you get back by optimised performance especially when in reduced coverage areas.

The most common and sort after the antenna is the Great White and Great White 5G antenna, models. Designed to be installed on or off a metallic ground plane, the low-profile antenna offers a 2x2 MiMo cellular antenna configuration to allow for high data speeds to pass through.

A plug-and-play antenna, it’s a single hole easy to install a product that can be connected up directly to the in-vehicle router giving the user a better signal path between the cellular base station and router.

What else can you get with the Great White 5G Antenna for RVs?

With optional extras including integrated WiFi and GPS/GNSS too, plus a unique and innovative foam pad solution to overcome the problem of a ribbed roof install which is increasingly common in motorhomes and campervans, this premium product is high performance and ideal for the needs of the staycation traveller.

With the event of a global pandemic, individuals, couples, and families have had to re-evaluate their travel plans. National lockdowns and border closures have created a staycation boom worldwide with people holidaying closer to home than before, and moving away from the traditional trips away and trying something more adventurous.

2020 saw a record-high number of new motorhome and caravan registrations in the UK according to the National Caravan Council and with continued uncertainty with global travel set to continue for some time, this growth trend is likely to continue.

However, from luxury expensive models through to self-build conversions, there is a common need to continue to be connected whilst away from home and one of the most cost-effective and reliable methods of doing so is through using an off-the-shelf router and RV WiFi Antenna system installed into the vehicle.

Wireless data rates have come a long way in the past decade. Speeds have increased with the advent of 4G and 5G LTE technology and data packages sold by network operators continue to fall driven by market competition benefitting the consumer.

This has coincided with the explosion in the demand for wireless connectivity devices – phones, tablets, laptop computers, and other wireless devices that are data-hungry and we now live in a connected world.

So whether you are at home or away, you want to have your devices connected at all times and one of the best ways to do this is through an RV WiFi Antenna solution from Panorama Antennas.

With our extensive range of products designed for the motorhome and campervan market in mind, you can send emails, stream video content, and keep up to date with the world around you. Lightweight and with a small footprint, the whole system can be discreetly installed in the vehicle but offering a powerful service in and around the vehicle.

The Great White 4G/5G Dome Antenna for RVs.

Panorama Antennas has selected the Great White 4G/5G Dome for use as RV WiFi Antenna solution.

RV LTE WiFi Antenna Solution:

  • 5G Ready Antenna
  • Optional GPS/GNSS and up to 6x6 MiMo WiFi
  • Supplied as antenna only or full kit with cable assemblies
  • Two independently fed Wideband cellular 600-6000MHz elements
  • Ground plane independent antenna solution
  • Up to 9 functions

Groundplane Independent: The Great White 4G/5G range of antennas does not require a metallic ground plane and maintains a high level of performance when mounted on non-metallic surfaces, which makes installation across a varied fleet much simpler.

Maximum Protection: The antenna features IP69K ingress and IK10 impact protection levels, for long-term reliable operation.

RV WiFi Antennas
RV WiFi Antennas
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