• B4BE-6-60 | Bracket Mount 4G/5G Antenna

The Panorama B4BE is a robust bracket mount antenna for LTE, M2M, and IoT applications

The B4BE range has been designed to provide cost-effective coverage booster antennas for 2G/3G/4G and 5G devices. The antennas are designed for wall or mast mounting and are weatherproof which allows the device to reap the benefits of an antenna mounted in an elevated or external location where the signal is strongest.

The Omni-directional radiation pattern allows the antenna to be quickly installed while the global Cellular/GSM/LTE coverage provided by the antenna allows it to be utilised for 2G/3G & 4G applications the world over.

Product Features

  • Wall, Mast or Panel Mount Antenna Design
  • Ultra-wideband Frequency Coverage
  • Future Proof Antenna Solution Supporting all 4G/5G LTE bands worldwide

Performance Features

  • 4G/5G LTE Covering 600-6000MHz
  • Integrated Low Loss Cable
  • 5dBi Peak Gain Performance
  • UV Stable & IP Rated


  • Low Cost Easy to Install Antenna Solution
  • Robust High-Performance Product
  • Covers All Cellular Frequencies Worldwide


  • Smart Metering
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Utilities
  • M2M & IoT Wireless Applications

Product Variants

Part Number Cable Connector
B4BE-6-60-5SP 5m CS29 SMA Plug (m)
B4BE-6-60-2SP 2m CS29 SMA Plug (m)
B4BE-6-60-05SP 0.5 CS29 SMA Plug (m)

Electrical Data
LTE Frequencies 617-960/1710-6000MHz
Typical VSWR <2.5:1
Peak Gain (dBi) 5
Max Input Power (W) 30
Pattern Omni-directional
Mechanical Data
Available Colours Black; White
Height (mm) 164
Diameter (mm) 48
Operating Temperature -40 / + 80°C
Mounting Data
Mounting Type Wall Mount; Mast Mount
Mounting Method Screw Mount; Jubilee Clip
Approvals Data
IP Rating IP66
Product Status
Stock Status Stock Product

B4BE-6-60 | Bracket Mount 4G/5G Antenna

  • Product Code: B4BE-6-60


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