• KF-BC-B3-L | AM/FM + DAB Whip Antenna

The KF-BC-B3-L is a multiband Sportflex style antenna whip for use with broadcast radio. The antenna covers the AM & FM bands plus DAB VHF and L bands and is suitable for use with Panorama Sharkee style bases.

Use of this whip, along with the DPXA-BC-DAB active splitter is an ideal solution, where a Sharkee antenna replaces the original broadcast antenna as part of a single hole discrete installation.

Product Features

  • Sportsflex style whip
  • For broadcast radio use
  • Fits a number of Panorama bases

Performance Features

  • Covers AM/FM & DAB Band 3 and L Band
  • Rugged and flixible construction


  • Can be used as part of a complex covert antenna system
  • Allows for AM/FM & DAB to be retained when retrofitting the vehicle


  • Public Safety

Product Variants

Function AM FM DAB Band 3 DAB L Band
Frequency Range (MHz) 150kHz-1.71MHz 87.5-108MHz 174-240MHz 1452-1492MHz
Gain - -2dBi * 0dBi * 2dBi
Impendance ≤ 10pF 50Ω 50Ω 50Ω
VSWR - ≤2.0:1 * ≤2.0:1 * ≤2.0:1 *

Application Frequency
VHF Frequency Band FM (87.5-108MHz); DAB Band 3 (174-240MHz)
UHF Frequency Band DAB L BAND (1452-1492MHz)
Electrical Data
Peak Gain (dBi) 2dBi
Mechanical Data
Available Colours Black
Operating Temperature -40 / + 80°C
Mounting Data
Whip Mounting M6x0.75

KF-BC-B3-L | AM/FM + DAB Whip Antenna

  • Product Code: KF-BC-B3-L


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