• MXSK-SMAMO | Low Band VHF Helical Antenna SMA Plug

The Panorama MXSK is a high-quality helical antenna range made with advanced materials and supporting connectors for various radios.


  • High-performance Low Band VHF Helical

  • Designed for portable radios

  • SMA Male Connector


Panorama manufactures its helical range from high-quality advanced materials producing excellent bandwidth, efficiency and durability.

Panorama manufactures its own helical springs from high-quality copper-clad steel and employs many decades of insert injection moulding experience jacketing its portable antenna products in advanced TPU thermoplastic material.

This expertise in design, materials selection and process management means that Panorama portable products are highly durable and offer consistent performance across manufacturing batches.

In order to optimise performance OEMs and resellers should contact Panorama to check specific tuning for portables.


Product Variants

Part Number


Operating Frequency Range



Uncut Loose Cap










Application Frequency
VHF Frequency Band E3 (67-74MHz); E4 (74-81MHz); E5 (81-88MHz);
Electrical Data
Peak Gain (dBi) -4
Max Input Power (W) 10
Mechanical Data
Diameter (mm) 13
Connector SMA (m)
Operating Temperature -40 / +80°C

MXSK-SMAMO | Low Band VHF Helical Antenna SMA Plug

  • Product Code: MXSK-SMAMO


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