Panorama has decided to discontinue the BAT-7-38 range antennas.

Parts Affected BATGM2-7-38-24-58, BATGM2F-7-38-24-58, BATGM-7-38, BATGM-7-38-24-58, BATGMF-7-38-24-58, BATM-7-38, BA-IN2271, BA-IN2571, IN2238, BA-7300-0341 / 7300-0314, BA-IN2406
Date of Notice 22/09/2020
Last Order Date* 01/12/2020
Discontinuation Date** 01/01/2021
Alternative Products BAT-7-60 range

**After the last order date no further orders can be accepted for the part numbers indicated.

**All products ordered before the last order date must be delivered before the final discontinuation date unless specifically agreed otherwise.

Posted by Panorama Antennas