Corporate Ethics & Supply Chain

Panorama Antennas believes that it is important for the organisation and its employees to maintain high ethical standards in order to preserve its reputation in the marketplace.

Good ethics are important to ensure that the organisation meets not only its objectives in a fair and equitable manner but its wider social responsibilities externally. In addition, Panorama Antennas is committed to ensuring high ethical standards within the workplace both internally and within our supply chain.

Download Panorama Antennas Business Ethics Policy.

Download Supplier Code of Conduct.


Environmental Protection


Panorama has a substantial commitment to protecting the environment both through our own activities and those of our supply chain. Panorama is committed to understanding and upholding environmental legislation including RoHS2, REACH, Proposition 65, and the Stockholm Convention.

You can read more about our environmental initiatives here.


Conflict Minerals


Panorama is committed to eliminating conflict Minerals from our supply chain. Interested parties can download our conflict minerals policy here. You can also download our most recent Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) here.


Bribery and Corruption


Bribery and corruption are part of corporate and public life in many countries across the world. Panorama Antennas LTD stands firmly against such practices in any and every form and has produced this policy in order to support our employees, suppliers, and other partners to make decisions in line with our stated position.

Our principles of corporate conduct are based on our commitment to acting professionally, fairly, and with integrity. Bribery and corrupt practices run counter to these core principles and will not be tolerated in any form.

Download our Bribery and Corruption Policy here.