Quality Assurance

Panorama Antennas has designed and manufactured antennas and closely related products for the radio communications industry around the world since 1947. We are dedicated to providing our customers with continually improving, high-quality antennas and accessories that meet all contract specifications and all statutory or regulatory requirements.

To achieve this we must develop and maintain:

  • First class customer service to determine customer requirements, monitor them as they develop and communicate them throughout the company.
  • Outstanding people who possess the expertise, creativity, empowerment and accountability to understand, interpret and deliver these requirements in the final product.
  • Excellent systems and processes to ensure the best quality antennas are supplied to the customer in the most timely, risk-free and cost-effective way possible.

We also work closely with our subsidiaries, suppliers, distributors, and other partners to develop strong relationships, communicate our quality objectives and requirements and assist them towards continual improvement. This policy is communicated throughout all levels of the company and is made available to interested parties on our company website. It is reviewed by senior management at least annually and revised when appropriate.  

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ISO 9001:2015

Quality Assurance Accreditation

Panorama Antennas has a company-wide commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. In 1989, Panorama Antennas became the first antenna manufacturer in Europe to gain ISO 9001 certification. Panorama currently holds the ISO 9001:2015 certificate for quality assurance.

Download: Approval Certificate No: 10216908


Intellectual Property

Panorama Antennas currently holds several different patents and registered designs both in Europe and worldwide.


RoHS 2 Compliance

All of the products that Panorama Antennas manufactures are 100% RoHS 2 compliant. Investment in advanced technology enables Panorama to test all materials supplied to us, as soon as they arrive at the factory, ensuring that no non-compliant material is passed on to the customer.


Panorama Antennas is currently a member of the following professional associations:


Federation of Communication Services TETRA Association British Safety Council British APCO