Product Design and Customisation

Panorama antennas offers a very large range of off-the-shelf products. It is very probable that you will be able to find the correct product for your application in our catalogue of standard parts. If this turns out not to be the case then Panorama can offer a broad range of options to address specific requirements ranging from customisation to bespoke design.

Tuning To Your Frequency

Panorama can tune many products (most notably whips) to a specific frequency or bandwidth. If you don’t see a product tuned to the exact frequency you require in our product catalogue, you just need to ask us if it can be done specifically for you.

We have many tuned variants of products available to purchase that don't appear in our standard range. When this is not the case we can often advise on an appropriate alternative product from our range which will meet the requirement. For OEMs and higher volume applications we can often tune products for inclusion in or mounting on a particular device or we can tune to a particular ground-plane or installation condition.

Cable and Connectors

Many of our products allow a range of cable lengths and connector configurations. We will normally show the most popular configurations for a particular product line on our website and in our marketing materials but there are often many other variants available off-the-shelf and still more available as customised solutions. If you don't see the particular cable length and connector you are looking for then please just contact our team.

Most of our multi-band and combination antenna products are terminated with short 'pigtail' cables. This is for ease of handling and installation and to allow connection of a broad range of extension cables which we can supply from stock for popular radios, receivers and router devices. We can also supply kits consisting of the antenna and appropriate cables configured for specific devices.

As you would expect from an antenna manufacturer we can supply a complete range of coaxial cable assemblies, connectors and adapters. If we dont have a particular cable assembly in our range we can either manufacture it or, for lower volumes, refer you to one of our distributors who will be happy to perform this service.

Bespoke Design

Panorama Antennas is renowned for its ability to design antennas to specifically meet the customers needs. This could involve modifying an existing product or it can even lead to the development of a brand new design.

Panorama Antennas has extensive experience of engineering antennas to meet precise mechanical, electrical and legislative requirements. Our philosophy is to work as closely as possible with the customer from the earliest point in their development cycle in order to assist advise on issues affecting antenna performance.

We can develop customised and bespoke external antenna solutions tailored for specific applications. We can also develop integrated internal antennas for devices. In each case we will begin by establishing a scope of work with the customer ensuring that what we deliver matches the customer requirement in terms of performance and timeframe for delivery

As with our standard product line all our bespoke antennas are rigorously tested to ensure they work perfectly in the real-world operational environment.

Design, Testing and Verification Capabilities

Panorama’s testing and measurement facilities represent the cutting edge of antenna design capability. Our communication antenna designs are validated before manufacture using accurate and repeatable tests and measurements.  This specialist design and development process builds quality and reliability into all Panorama’s products.

The Anechoic Chamber

This creates a 1.2m spherical ‘quiet zone’ in which the performance characteristics of antenna assemblies can be measured at frequencies up to 35GHz free from physical or electrical conditions that would otherwise interfere with the measurements.

Network Analysers

Network Analysers measure antenna performance using a wide range of parameters including antenna impedance, relative field strength and insertion loss. Results can be displayed in various formats.

Turntable & Positioning Controller

This enables the assessment of the directivity of an antenna in both the ‘E’ and ‘H’ planes. This special equipment is constructed to rotate through 360 degrees (in 1 degree increments), with minimal RF reflection or interference.

Antenna Measurement Software

This enables computer control of the Network Analyser and Positioning Controller/Turntable. Data obtained from controlled measurements is automatically displayed on a monitor as VSWR and polar radiation patterns that can be printed or shared on Panorama’s computer network.

Vehicle Ground Plane Simulation

This can be used in the centre of the anechoic chamber to simulate, as closely as possible, a typical modern car roof and windscreen (front and rear).

GPS Satellite Recognition

GPS Antennas rely on continuous communication with the satellites. Our GPS Satellite Recognition software enables Panorama to identify each satellite that is being picked up by a GPS antenna. This helps our developers to see how our antennas perform in the real environment.

CST Microwave Studio Simulation Software

CST Microwave Studio is a highly sophisticated RF simulation package. Used in product development and verification it enables rapid iteration of possible designs, performance verification and visualisation of hard-to-measure characteristics like efficiency, 3D radiation patterns, correlation co-efficient and MiMo antenna system gain.

Passive Intermodulation Test Equipment

Panorama has a range of Kaelus and Anritsu PIM test equipment covering various frequencies. We have also invested in a custom PIM test chamber allowing precision testing of antennas for PIM on the production line.