Our Approach to Brexit

Panorama Antennas was founded by Europeans, has always employed Europeans and has flourished through trading with the Europe and through

Britain’s membership of the European Union. We have always considered ourselves a European company and will continue to do so.  

We have extensively analysed the potential impact of Brexit on our operations and have undertaken several initiatives to reduce its impact on our customers.

Through strategic exploitation of our international network of subsidiaries, increased stock holdings and limited purchasing from the EU and UK we expect to

largely avoid potential delays at the Dover-Calais crossing.

Due to the nature of our product and our ability to supply the EU market without passing goods through our UK Head Office we similarly expect tariffs to have

little impact on our cost base. We intend to continue to follow all relevant EU legislation, will maintain product certification and combine our 70+ years’ experience

in international trade with the agility offered by our subsidiary network to ensure trade friction does not impact upon our customers. Due to the nature of our

business and the measures mentioned above we expect Brexit to have minimal impact on our costs, supply chain and, most importantly, customers. 

- Panorama Antennas is a global business with warehousing and manufacturing focused businesses in the UK and Singapore and sales focused

        subsidiaries with warehousing provision and simple processing abilities in France, the USA and Australia.

- The company has over 70 years export experience trading around the world.

- Export sales account for 90% of our parent company turnover, including sales to subsidiaries.

For more information on our approach download our full Brexit statement here.