Case Studies

We are proud to showcase a selection of case studies related to recent applications and projects involving our antennas. In each case a Panorama Antennas product helped our customer to solve a particular challenge. If you have an interesting project using our products that you would like us to showcase then please contact us.


Maximising Connectivity with MAKO® 5G Dome
Maximising Connectivity with MAKO® 5G DomeDownload PDF Case Study The Challenge As one of the fastest growing parishes in Louisiana, St. Tammany Parish covers the majority of the north shore of New Orleans and consists of the biggest suburban towns in New Orleans area. Due to the size of the parish as well as the growing population, St. Tammany Fire District #1 has to cover a large area, including sparsely populated territories where cellular service is scarce. In order to function as a first responder for the parish St. Tammany Fire District needed to enhance their signal to..
Surrey SAR Using GPSD MiMo Sharkee

Case Study: In the summer of 2020, Surrey SAR welcomed a new mild-hybrid vehicle into its response fleet. GPSD MiMo Sharkee.

Safeguarding LA County’s voting system for the 2020 Election

Safeguarding LA County’s voting system for the 2020 Election

The Los Angeles County Registrar (Office of Elections) was in need of updating their county wide, aging voting equipment due to me­chanical issues and failures.

Enhancing public safety and deterring crime with blue light light towers
Read how Panorama's LPB-6-60 and LGAM-7-27-S24-58 are used to provide seamless connectivity to secure direct communication with first responders. ..
Providing  wireless connectivity to high speed trains in Portugal
Read how Panorama's TRNMG-7-60 antenna is providing wireless connectivity to high speed trains in Portugal...
Securing a watchful eye on constructions sites
A construction site is an area that has constant traffic all day long and sometimes during the night as well.That's why the site monitoring is an indispensable procedure in construction quality control. Read how Panorama's LPB-7-27 provided a wireless solution for real time video streaming to improve safety and security at the construction site. Download this CaseFocus here. ..
Providing reliable connectivity for advertising billboards
Digital signage is a fantastic addition to any business and can improve daily operations from promoting products to showing public transportation timetables. One of the biggest advantages of a cloud based digital signage solution is being able to control your screen content remotely. However the use of remote management also relies on wireless networks, and a high quality antenna. Read how Panorama's LPAM-BC3G-26 provided reliable connectivity for the advertising billboards in France. ..
Network Redundancy and FirstNet - Mesa Fire Department
Network Redundancy and FirstNet for the Mesa Fire Department.Download this CaseFocus here. ..
Providing the Missing Piece for Gamber-Johnson

Providing the Missing Piece for Gamber-Johnson

"Overall, the relationship with Panorama Antennas and Gamber-Johnson has been a win!" Read how we work with Gamber-Johnson to help them provide the complete fleet solution.
Reliable MiMo connectivity for motorhomes!

Reliable MiMo connectivity for motorhomes!

Read how Motorhomes across the UK are using Panorama Antennas' LGMM-7-27 to provide the connectivity they need!
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