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A Future Proof Mobility Solution for the Fire Service in Australia

With the expansion of 5G LTE connectivity, government agencies are able to take advantage of more secure, reliable and faster connectivity solutions to support their needs in the mission critical communication sector. The Fire & Rescue Service are taking advantage of this with technology deployments that are improving productivity, of better value and above all, life-saving.

Surrey SAR Using GPSD MiMo Sharkee

Case Study: In the summer of 2020, Surrey SAR welcomed a new mild-hybrid vehicle into its response fleet. GPSD MiMo Sharkee.

Detroit PD Adopts Dual Sharkee Solution

Detroit PD Adopts Dual Sharkee Solution

By installing Panorama Antennas, Inc. dual Sharkee® kit Detroit PD, has a more visually appealing patrol vehicle, without sacrificing performance.

Sharkee Becomes Antenna Of Choice Throughout Kansas

Sharkee Becomes Antenna Of Choice Throughout Kansas

Once again Panorama can proudly say that because of our antennas’ performance, ease of install, speedy delivery turnaround time and our impeccable Customer Service, that the GPSB Sharkee® is the official antenna for the State of Kansas.

Yellow Cab San Francisco chooses Panorama's GPSB Sharkee™
Panorama Antennas, Inc. is proud to announce that Yellow Cab San Francisco have chosen Panorama’s “Sharkee™”, Multi-Band Antenna for their Voice, Data and GPS Positioning antennas.  The Sharkee™ Antenna is the latest generation of vehicle antennas with the ability to connect to multiple frequency bands, using one single hole in the vehicle body. The Sharkee™ Antenna with its modern, automotive design use the same industry-leading performance Panorama is known for.   The ability to reduce the number of individual antennas, while maintaining or increasing the performance of communica..
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