ESN Antennas

Emergency Services Network - ESN Antennas

The new generation Emergency Services Network (ESN) operates on 4G/LTE and will initially provide resilient, high-speed mobile broadband data. At a later stage, it is planned to replace Airwave for mission-critical voice function. ESN operates on the EE 4G network, which provides coverage using LTE Band 3 (1800MHz), Band 20 (800MHz) and Band 7 (2600MHz).

4G/LTE requires the use of a complex multi-band antenna system with good gain and adequate isolation & low correlation coefficient parameters, in order to provide effective MiMo operation. ESN network gives a guaranteed area coverage based on the use of approved wireless devices and antennas that meet a minimum gain specification.

Panorama Antennas New Generation 5G ESN

Panorama’s new generation 5G antennas are able to meet the ESN antenna specification across all the operational bands, using up to 5m length CS32 (equivalent to LMR195) coaxial cable, allowing maximum flexibility of the installation configuration.

The antennas are supplied with short coaxial pigtails, and various length coaxial extension cables are available, which then allows the user to choose a simple plug and play solution, using the shortest length cable, to optimise the antenna performance for a particular installation.

In some exceptional installation scenarios, a longer cable run may be required – Panorama can offer CS240 type cable for these applications, which allows a longer cable run with lower insertion loss. All of the antennas and cables that Panorama proposes for ESN installation, meet both ECE R118.3 and EN45545 fire safety regulations, so are suitable for all types of vehicle and fixed-site installations.

In addition to the core range of multi-function antennas, Panorama can offer many other types of antenna solutions for covert, motorcycle and fixed device applications.

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