• HPDPD[VAR]-550 | VHF UHF Power Divider

The HPDPD-550 series is a range of power dividers designed to split the power from a radio to distribute it to two separate antennas. Designed to support Panorama Antennas’ covert VCD (VHF) and BMP (UHF) bumper / fender mount antennas the HPDPD-550 range comes in three variants for up to 15W, 60W and 150W input power respectively.

Optimise antenna performance
Connect two antennas to a radio
15W, 60W & 150W versions

Covering a frequency range from 50-550MHz the HPDPD efficiently distributes power to two antennas with very low losses allowing users to distribute covert antennas at opposite ends of a vehicle to ensure maximal coverage.

Product Variants

Part Number Max. Input Power W
HPDPD15-550 15
HPDPD60-550 60
HPDPD150-550 150


Electrical Data
UHF (340-520MHz) 340-550
VHF (30-220MHz) 50-220
Max Input Power (W) 150
Insertion Loss (dB) <0.5
Splitter Type 2 Way Power Divider
Mechanical Data
Available Colours Black
Length (mm) 121
Width (mm) 108
Height (mm) 16
Connector FME (m)
Operating Temperature -40 / + 80°C

HPDPD[VAR]-550 | VHF UHF Power Divider

  • Product Code: HPDPD[VAR]


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