The ACUHB offers high gain and a rugged design to create an efficient and durable product. The hinge adaptor ensures that the antenna can always be correctly polarised even when installed on non-horizontal ground planes and protects the antenna from damage in low clearance situations. 

Rugged construction
7dBi peak gain
Hinged adaptor for mounting on non horizontal ground plane

7dBi peak gain will offer a significant boost to performance in remote or edge of cell locations but due to narrow bandwidth lower gain antennas will be more suitable for urban or suburban locations.

Product Variants

Part Number

Hinged Version


Frequency (MHz)


ACUHB-S1 S1 380-400


ACUHB-S2 S2 410-430
ACUHB-460 ACUHB-460 460 450-470
Application Frequency
UHF Frequency Band S1 (380-400MHz);S2 (410-430MHz);S4 (450-470MHz)
Electrical Data
UHF (340-520MHz) 380-470
Typical VSWR <2:1
Peak Gain (dBi) 7
Max Input Power (W) 60
Pattern Omni-Directional
Mechanical Data
Available Colours Black
Operating Temperature -40° / +80°C
Mounting Data
Whip Mounting Modular

ACUHB | High Gain Antenna With Phasing Coil

  • Product Code: ACU[H]B-VAR


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