• AFNTGB-VAR | Ultra Flexible UHF Whip Antenna

The AFNTGB range offers ultra-flexible omni-directional performance with a peak gain of 5dBi and can be tuned to a range of UHF frequencies.

5dBi peak gain
Ultra-flexible nickel titanium whip
Ideal for low clearance scenarios

The antenna is designed to be ultra-flexible for low clearance scenarios featuring an over moulded coil and nickel titanium whip which can bend extensively and repeatedly and still return to its original vertical orientation.

The antenna is installed via the M6x0.75 threaded terminal and can be mounted on a range of Panorama GPS combination bases such as the GPSB and GPSK. The rigid / semi-rigid length of the antenna is < 100mm (3.9”).

Product Variants

Part Number

Frequency Range

Operational Band












Application Frequency
UHF Frequency Band S1+ (380-410MHz); S4 (450-470MHz)
Electrical Data
UHF (340-520MHz) 380-470
Peak Gain (dBi) 5
Max Input Power (W) 60
Pattern Omni-directional
Mechanical Data
Available Colours Black
Diameter (mm) 11.2
Operating Temperature -40 / + 80°C
Mounting Data
Whip Mounting M6x0.75

AFNTGB-VAR | Ultra Flexible UHF Whip Antenna

  • Product Code: AFNTGB


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