• TRNM[G]-7-60-NJ | MiMo 2G/3G/4G Rail Antenna with optional GNSS

The TRNM(G) MiMo antenna series is designed specifically for use on trains, trams and buses underground or over ground

Incorporating two elements operating wideband across all frequencies from 698MHz to 6000MHz the TRNM(G) range is versatile and future proof.

The TRNM(G) series covers GSMR, 700MHz LTE, 800MHz TETRA and trunking bands along with all Cellular and GSM frequencies, 2.4 & 5.8GHz WLAN, 2.6 GHz LTE and WIMAX all in one housing.

The TRNM(G) has two DC grounded radiating elements, in versions with a GPS module it is protected by a gas discharge surge arrestor.

Housed in a high impact, flame retardant Ultem housing, the TRNM(G) series is weatherproof ensuring that the antenna’s performance is never compromised.

The TRNM[G] antenna meets stringent industry standards including EN50155, EN45545-2 (HL 1-3), EN50124-1 (25 KA / 100 MS) and is ingress protected to IP69k when properly installed.

Product Features

  • 2x2 MiMo Wideband Cellular LTE Antenna
  • Heavy Duty & Fully Rail Certified Antenna
  • Built to the Standard 4-hole Fixing Position

Performance Features

  • Covers Wideband 700-6000MHz for Cellular LTE
  • GSM-R and WiFi
  • Optional GNSS Version Avaialble
  • DC Grounded Antenna
  • Certified to EN50155, EN45545 (HL 1-3), EN50124-1 (25KA / 100ms) and IP69K


  • Mass Transit
  • Rail

Product Variants

Part Number 2G / 3G / 4G
2x2 698-960/1710-3800MHz
GPS / GNSS Connector
TRNM-7-60-NJ N/A 2x N (f)
TRNMG-7-60-NJ 1562-1612 26dB LNA 2x N (f) | 1x TNC (f)

For important regulatory information and information related to product performance please visit https://resources.cradlepoint.com/product-docs/antenna-reference-guide

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Electrical Data
LTE Frequencies 698-960/1427-6000MHz
Global Positioning Optional GPS / GNSS 1562-1612
Wifi Frequencies 2.4/5.0GHz
LTE MiMo 2x2
WiFi MiMo 2x2
Global Positioning Data
Frequency Range (MHz) 1562-1612
LNA Gain (dB) 26dB
Mechanical Data
Available Colours Black
Width (mm) 87
Height (mm) 98
Operating Temperature -40 / +80°C
Mounting Data
Mounting Type Panel Mount
Mounting Method N Bulkhead; Bolt Mount
Approvals Data
IP Rating IP67 / IP69K
Flame Retardancy UL94-V0
Industry Approvals EN50155; EN50121; EN45545; EN50124

TRNM[G]-7-60-NJ | MiMo 2G/3G/4G Rail Antenna with optional GNSS

  • Product Code: TRNM[G]-7-60-NJ


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