The BS[G]M-6-60 antenna is a MiMo Omni-directional broadband antenna range for 4G/5G devices

It covers 617-960/1427-6000MHz and is suitable for external or internal installation. The mounting bracket enables simple wall mounting using the supplied screws and wall plugs and mast/rail mounting using the supplied clamps.

The Omni-directional radiation pattern allows easy placement of the antenna in an elevated position, without requiring directional alignment. The BSGM type is supplied with an integrated GPS/GNSS module with 26dB LNA gain and advanced filtering to combat noise.

This antenna is an ideal solution for IoT use in industrial and domestic environments for cellular modems/routers and Machine to Machine (M2M) wireless connectivity applications. The weather and corrosion-resistant design also make the antenna suitable for certain marine and costal applications.

Product Features

  • 2x2 MiMo 4G/5G antenna solution
  • Wall, rail, or mast mount
  • Optional GPS/GNSS - 26dB LNA
  • Integrated coaxial cables

Product Variants

Part Number GPS/GNSS4G/5G Cables
4G/5G Cables
BSGM-6-60-5SP 26dB (+/-3) CS32 CS29 FR SMA (m) SMA (m)
BSGM-6-60-05NJ 26dB (+/-3) CS32 CS29 FR N (f) N (f)
BSM-6-60-5SP N/A CS32 N/A
SMA (m) N/A
BSM-6-60-5FKJ N/A CS32 N/A
N (f) N/A
BSGM-6-60-5FKJ 26dB (+/-3) CS32 CS29 FR Fakra D Jack Fakra C Jack
BSGM-6-60-5NP 26dB (+/-3) CS32 CS29 FR N(m) N(m)
BSM-6-60-5FKJ N/A CS32 N/A
Fakra D Jack N/A
BSM-6-60-5NP N/A CS32 N/A
N(m) N/A

Application Frequency
LTE Band 2G,3G,4G,5G
Electrical Data
Global Positioning Optional GPS / GNSS 1562-1612
Typical VSWR <2.5:1
Peak Gain (dBi) 5
LTE MiMo 2x2
Max Input Power (W) 10
Pattern Omni-directional
Global Positioning Data
Frequency Range (MHz) 617-960 / 1427-6000
LNA Gain (dB) 26dB
Mechanical Data
Available Colours White
Connector SMA (m); N(f); Fakra C Jack; Fakra D Jack
Mounting Data
Mounting Type Wall Mount; Mast Mount; Panel Mount; Rail Mount
Approvals Data
IP Rating IP67

BS[G]M-6-60 - MiMo 4G/5G Omni Antenna

  • Product Code: BS[G]M-6-60


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