• SR1-029-B |CS29 Double Shielded 5mm Cable

Panorama Antennas' CS29 cable offers all the performance and flexibility associated with RG58  but with far less attenuation.

Ideal for UHF and Cellular applications - Panorama Antennas' CS29 cable is available as cable assemblies or on reels as raw cable.

Mechanical Data
Available Colours Black
Jacket Material TPE
Min. Bend Radius (mm) 13
Diameter (mm) 5
Cable Data
Attenuation (dB /10m) @ 400MHz 2.2
Attenuation (dB /10m) @ 1GHz 4
Attenuation (dB /10m) @ 2GHz 5.5
Shield efficiency. to IEC 61196-1 <-90dB

SR1-029-B |CS29 Double Shielded 5mm Cable

  • Product Code: SR1-029-B


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