• TPX-VH-UHF-BA-TNC | VHF/UHF/7/800MHz Triplexer
The Panorama Triplexer can either combine the signals from 3 antennas to a single multiband radio or split the signal from a tri-band radio to three radios. 

Use one antenna for up to three radios
Splits VHF, UHF & 7/800MHz

There is no need for switching or matching as the TPX-VH-UHF-BA-BNC will automatically split or combine UHF and VHF to route them to separate radios.
This compact unit requires no power cables and can easily be installed in the roof lining of any vehicle or mounted next to the radio.
The TPX-VH-UHF-BA-BNC is ideal for tri-band and multifrequency installations.
Electrical Data
UHF (340-520MHz) 380-520
VHF (30-220MHz) 136-174
UHF (7/800MHz) 762-870MHz
Typical VSWR <2:1
Max Input Power (W) 100
Insertion Loss (dB) <1.5
Splitter Type VHF/UHF/7/800MHz Triplexer
Mechanical Data
Available Colours Black
Length (mm) 140
Width (mm) 100
Height (mm) 25
Connector TNC (f)
Operating Temperature -40 / + 80°C

TPX-VH-UHF-BA-TNC | VHF/UHF/7/800MHz Triplexer

  • Product Code: TPX-VH-UHF-BA-TNC


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